"Basics of Business Rapport - How to Make your First Impressions Last"
- or -
"Rapport, Schmapport - Who Needs It!?"

Contrary to popular belief, rapport isn't something that "just happens". It is a set of skills that can be learned and practiced, leading to enhanced relationships of all kinds - personal, family, and professional. Dissolve communication barriers, control the way others perceive you, negotiate more effectively, improve teambuilding and productivity, and more! You'll do it with integrity and compassion by meeting people at their "model of the world". Using the proven techniques of NLP, you will learn how to establish rapport quickly and respectfully, enhance communication both verbally and non-verbally, make a positive, lasting first impression, improve confidence, and increase sales. Ideal for professionals or anyone else who regularly deals with people on a business level!


"Communicate with Precision"

The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our communication. When we communicate with precision, we avoid misunderstandings and improve all our relationships. Learn these powerful tools and sharpen your communication skills!


"Dealing with Difficult People"

Ever have one of those days where you're tooling along, having a good time, getting lots of work done, and then . . . BAM! That you- know-who calls on the phone or stops by your office, and suddenly you just want to S-C-R-E-A-M?!? Would you like to have some tools for handling difficult people? In this presentation, you will learn some answers for dealing with conflict effectively.


"Getting Things Done--Keys to a Well Balanced Life"

Yes, the keys to a well balanced life include getting things done, but how do you unlock the secrets to success with little more than hope and a good idea? And how do you achieve a well balanced life?

Albert Einstein said, "The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them." We need to process effectively at all levels--environment, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, identity, and Mission/Spirituality--in order to align our lives with our passions and gifts. This will make our goals--our ability to get things done--not just possible, but irresistible!

Your car only runs well when all four wheels are well balanced and aligned with the vehicle. What would your life be like if your wheels were well balanced and aligned with your highest and best purpose?

You hold in your hands a passport to adventure in discovery and learning. With confidence in yourself, obstacles turn into challenges, and challenges into results. Let's discover together how to align our wheels for best results so you can Get Things Done!


"Nuts & Bolts of Business--How to Make a Good Thing Last"

The ability to put your best foot forward, communicate effectively, resolve conflict, and confidently handle any situation with finesse and skill are not only desirable business skills, but ones that can give you the added benefit of boosting your self-confidence.

Let's focus on unlocking your creativity, boosting your credibility, and improving your communication skills--whether it's public speaking before a group, a face-to-face discussion with a child, parent, or co-worker, or negotiating with a vendor.

Here are some of the how-to's on the step-by-step handouts with which you will walk away from this workshop:

* Assertive yet Respectful Communication Skills
* Conflict Management
* The Essentials of Communicating With Diplomacy and Professionalism
* How to Negotiate With Vendors and Suppliers
* Managing Emotions and Performing Under Pressure


"Effective Leadership Skills"

In today's organizations, the ability to motivate, inspire and bring out the best in others is the true measure of success. Being a leader means not only knowing your own strengths and development needs, but those of your team members as well. Learning to set clear goals and direction, knowing what skills people bring to the team, and fostering communication are all tools important to being an effective leader. Understanding the differences between individuals allows a team to function effectively through clear communication and Mentoring. This training will help managers and executives learn how to work more effectively with the people they supervise and influence, and how to work Life Balance into the equation for success!


"Handling Criticism Effectively"
- or -
"Go Ahead, Make My Day - Criticize Me!"

One of the toughest things we deal with on a regular basis is criticism from others. Sometimes, even if no one actually criticizes us, we feel bad anyway because of our negative self- talk. In this fun and experiential workshop, you will learn how to easily de-charge any comment that anyone makes, or any critical self-talk, so that you can hear anything of value in the criticism without being drawn into unpleasant feelings.


"Self-Talk 4 Success!"

Every day, whether you’re president of a major corporation, self-employed, salesperson or secretary, you’re faced with challenges – meeting new people, athletic competition, speaking presentations. With simple self-talk used successfully by thousands of people, from actors to politicians, housewives to heads of state, you’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is to overcome nervousness. Experience joy, warmth, enthusiasm, and confidence in all your personal and professional interactions!


"Six Seconds to Less Stress"

If you could take the energy you use worrying, stressing, and spinning your wheels and could redirect it into achieving your personal goals and objectives in life, how far do you think you could go? Here's a chance to learn a technique that will allow you to point your energy in useful, positive directions. Learn a simple stress-reduction technique that can be used anywhere, anytime to help you r-e-l-a-a-a-x. Best of all, it only takes six seconds!


"TURBO Goal Setting - How To Make Your Future Irresistible!"

FLASH!  To all success-minded business people:  “Traditional goal-setting — as touted in hundreds of books, seminars and expensive programs — just doesn’t work!"

Yes, that’s right. The likelihood is that the way you have been setting goals is actually the very reason you are not achieving your goals. How do I know?
Be honest with yourself. How many goals have you set in the last year for which...

* you did not take action?
* you shed blood, sweat, and tears with few results to show for it?
* you lost your focus or motivation to keep going?

The good news is this: Using the finest tools available today, you can learn the most powerful goal-setting techniques of top achievers to create powerful, compelling outcomes in your business — and personal life, too!


More workshop/keynote titles:

* Awaken your Inner Healer

* FUNdamentals of NLP

* Fifteen Steps to a More Confident You

* Discover your Life's Mission

* Selling Without "Selling"

Other workshops can be designed to suit particular needs.
Contact me for details.

Here's what past workshop participants have to say:

I had to drop you a note to say thanks. You created a wonderful opportunity and experience for all of us yesterday. I am honored and grateful. You are blessed and a blessing.
-Laura P., Portland OR

Phil is an absolutely excellent teacher, and a master at NLP.
-Trish C., Portland OR

Just a quick note thanking you for the fantastic workshop on Saturday. The material and approaches you presented were exactly what I needed to create personal awareness of my thinking, beliefs and actions. Your sense of humor created a light-hearted learning environment.
-Gordy S., Portland OR

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